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Social Media Management - being the key part in Digital Marketing nowadays, plays a major role in Brand Awareness, Driving Traffic to your Website, etc.
It is the segment where you need to invest your chunk of time sharing the content to your fans/followers/connections and being active on the major Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram & Pinterest. So, here I present you with an easier and time saving tool to schedule & share the content on social media - 'Buffer'.



Buffer is a popular social media management tool that helps you manage all your social media marketing/optimization activities from a single dashboard. It helps you to share the content (text, images & videos) onto top social networks like Twitter, Facebook (Profile, Page, Group), LinkedIn (Profile, Page), Google+ (Profile, Page), Pinterest and Instagram.

You can also schedule the posts so that you need not be in front of your computer/mobile to post as per the best engagement time of the users. You can view the analytics of your posts and also Re-Buffer (Re-Post) the posts, to get the maximum impressions and engagement, without having the need to draft the posts again.


How to use?

  • Navigate to Buffer.

  • Create an account by clicking on "Get Started for Free".

  • Connect all your social networks to Buffer to give Buffer the access to post on your behalf.

  • Go to the "Content" tab and start sharing and scheduling the posts.

  • Go to the "Analytics" tab to view the analytics of your post.





Subtle Features of Buffer


  • Absolutely free for users to access basic features of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram (just reminders) and Pinterest (7-day trail).

  • The URL's get auto-shortened (, so that you will save the character limit while posting to twitter and other platforms.

  • Ability to view the analytics of your posts.

  • Mobile Apps (Android & iOS) and Browser extensions are available to share and schedule the content, so as to save the time and work from anywhere.

  • Posts can be added to the queue to be shared later as per your convenience.

  • Optimal timing tool for each social network, which picks the optimal time slots (as per the user timezone) for posting to increase the engagement rate.

  • Email notifications will be sent everytime your scheduled post is successfully posted.

  • Insights and Deep Analysis available in the paid version known as "Buffer for Business".

  • Social Media Calendar to add, edit, organise and re-share the social media content with an interactive calendar interface (7-day trail).

  • Team members can be added to specified social network accounts (paid feature).



  • Only a few social networking platforms are available.

  • Premium features are not that great compared to Hootsuite.

  • Premium plans are a bit costlier compared to Hootsuite.


I hope, this tool will help you a lot for your Digital Marketing efforts increasing the active time and engagement rate on social networks.

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