How to Disable Automated Ad Extensions in Google Adwords?

CassieH from Google Community Manager pinned in the Google Advertiser Community - that you can now disable automated ad extensions directly from the Google AdWords interface.
I guess this is a new feature and we were not able to disable the feature - automated ad extensions, prior to this.

So, Here's how to disable automated Ad Extensions in Google Adwords:


  1. Sign into your Google AdWords account

  2. Click the "Ad extensions" tab

  3. Click the “View:” drop-down and select "Automated extensions report"

  4. Click the "+ Automated extension options (advanced)"

  5. Click on "Edit" next to “Show all automated extensions for this account”

  6. Select the "Do not use specific automated extensions for this account"

  7. Now you can checkmark the box next to the automated extension you’d like to disable.

  8. Finally Click "Save".

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