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Digital marketers frequently invest a lot of time thinking of and messing up with the headlines. So, here I present you with the finest tool to analyse and dig out the right title for your blog post - ‘Headline Analyzer’ by CoSchedule.

Headline Analyzer?

The Headline Analyzer is a basic and simple magic tool by CoSchedule that analyses, evaluates, scores and grades the marketing value of your generic headline to improve it for yielding maximum results. It scores the overall headline quality and rates its ability to bring results in social shares, organic traffic and SEO (Click Through Rate - CTR).
It displays results in various sections, viz. Headline Score, Word Balance (Common, Uncommon, Emotional, Power), Headline Type, Length Analysis, Google Search Preview, Email Subject Preview, Keywords and Sentiment of your headline.

How to use?

  • Navigate to Headline Analyzer.

  • Insert your headline or blog title into the search box "Type your headline here...".

  • Hit the "Analyze Now" button.

It will now analyze your headline and displays the score with recommendations using the special algorithms on how to improve your generic headline.


Absolutely Free!!!

Subtle Features of Headline Analyzer


  • Know the overall structure, grammar, and readability of your headline.

  • Know your headline word balance (Common words, Uncommon words, Emotional words and Power words).

  • Know your headline type.

  • Helps you know your headline's character count and word count vs the right amount for highest Click Through Rate (CTR).

  • Displays the Google search preview and the Email subject preview of your headline.

  • Know the sentiment (neutral, positive/negative emotion) for your headline that tends to perform better.


  • Tips to improve the headlines aren't sufficient and instantaneous enough which tests your patience to score a good to go rating (above 70).


I hope, this tool will help you a lot for your Digital Marketing efforts increasing the engagement rate and CTR.

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