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Digital Marketing is a moving target that is constantly evolving day on day, making it more and more difficult for new comers to learn it.
But don't worry, I'm here to make this process easy for you to beat out and stay ahead of the digital marketers who've already been in this industry for quite some time.

Before that remember - Digital Marketing is not for the lazy. You have to work hard to just keep up as more and more new marketing channels are constantly emerging. Social Media Marketing (Snapchat, Facebook/Instagram ads, etc.) and Content Marketing are amongst the popular and hottest new channels of Digital Marketing.

Here are the four steps for you to get started and expertise in Digital Marketing:

#1  Read Everything & Stay Updated

Read everything and stay updated about Digital Marketing by creating alerts of some specific terms/keywords (such as Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Google Adwords, Google Algorithm Updates, etc.) in Google Alerts.

Also, some great sites to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings are,, Moz,  and of-course my Website as well. Through these sites, you’ll find thousands of amazing blogs that cover most topics about Digital Marketing.

#2  Implement the Things you Learned

It’s all about execution that matters with Digital Marketing. It’s not enough to know the theory but you need to implement it to truly/completely know the application of the same. For doing this you can simply start out with your own website/blog by building it through WordPress - the simple and effective website development platform.

You can find some tutorials of WordPress on YouTube to start building your own WordPress website right now! By this, you’ll find out the hard way that what really works, the resources needed and how to get things done.

I'll be sharing the how-to guides & tutorials of Website Development by WordPress very soon!

#3  Help Startups/Non-Profits for Free

After a few months of doing the steps one and two, you’ll have acquired some basic skills of Digital Marketing. Now you’re ready to apply your new Digital Marketing skills at a real company.

I recommend helping some Non-Profit Organisations and Startups for free as they usually can use all the help they can get. In doing this you’ll learn even more about the real time application of everything you read about (theory).

#4  Find a Mentor/Influencer in Digital Marketing Field

Reach out to your favorite Digital Marketing blogger and ask questions. Be specific as possible so you can truly learn from their experience. A mentor is also very helpful when you get stuck or hit a wall in the process of Digital Marketing.

Once you’ve done all this keep repeating the steps one & two, and you’ll master the art of Digital Marketing in no time. Remember that Digital Marketing is always a moving target, and if you don’t keep yourself updated about it and neglect implementing the latest strategies and Digital Marketing channels you’ll get left/lost in the dust.

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